We offer a wide range of principal actives like antibiotics, analgesics, anti-inflammatories, bronchodilators and expectorants, bactericides, penicillins and cephalosporins and excipients such as lactoses, HPMC, HPC, coatings and emulsifiers.

We also have an application lab for coatings and tablets, equipped with all the controls to fractionate quantities when necessary.


• Main actives
• Analgésics
• Antibiótics
• Antácids
• Bronchodilators and expectorants
• Vasodilators
• Bactericides and antiparasitics
• Anti-fungicides

Exipients - Oral solids

• Diluents
• Agglomerants
• Superdisintegrants
• Controlled liberation matrices
• Multifunctional excipients
• Solubility and bio-availability modulators
• Tabletting systems

Excipients - Liquids and semisolids

• Artificial sweeteners for solutions
• Gel formulators
• Injectables
• Polyethylene glycols
• Colloid stabilizers

Other products

• Enteric and aesthetic coatings
• Functional products
• Generic products
Barentz Pharmaceuticals