Growth Strategy

Delivering results

Barentz executes a multi-tiered growth strategy focused on organic growth and strategic acquisitions. This has resulted in an organization that is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic companies in our industry. Our principals count on Barentz' technical sales and support teams to drive value through our extensive customer network. With more than 75 account managers, regional customer service centers, and a network of more than 40 warehouses located throughout North America, our business is built around service and providing value to our customers and principal suppliers. Our lead times are typically measured in hours or days, not weeks! We have the team and infrastructure in place to deliver results.

Driving Value

Delivering our customers value and solution-based results

Barentz has a track record of excellence and a unique business model with several sustainable competitive advantages. It starts with a world-class, technical sales team delivering market leading technologies, value-added services and security of supply. This model requires access to the best products, ongoing technical support and innovation, intimate market knowledge, and a team focused on market leadership and continuous improvement. We deliver our customers value and solution-based results so that they can provide the same to their customers. We realize our customers have a choice, and together we strive to earn their business every day!


Best-in-class specialty chemical and ingredient distributors

Through strategic acquisitions, Barentz is aiming to strengthen its leading position in its existing markets and diversify into new, complementary end markets & geographies by acquiring best-in-class specialty chemical or ingredient distributors. Barentz' entrepreneurial culture provides tremendous flexibility as it relates to the transactions we evaluate. Large or small, independently owned or corporate divestitures, industrial products or natural ingredients – each situation presents a potential opportunity for Barentz to improve our service level, expand our market expertise, and add talented employees with a common commitment to our customers, suppliers, and communities.

Preserving Legacy

Preserving your company’s legacy is paramount

Barentz is committed to preserving the legacies of each of the regional companies in the Barentz portfolio. Our acquisition strategy centers around growth and making the investments required to sustain growth. We’ll always evaluate opportunities to make operations more efficient and improve service, but our priority is not slashing costs or taking out competitors. We aim to be good corporate stewards, prefer to be transparent in our approach to acquisition, and strive to maintain the legacy of our acquired, regional companies.