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Performance Materials

Barentz helps you develop and produce better products based on formulations that are more than just the composition of components. To keep your business moving forward, you need to constantly enhance the performance of your products to exceed the expectations of end-users with ever-improving quality and effectiveness. Based on our combination of formulary capabilities and breadth of performance products, our customers can do just that, providing an extraordinary experience for the people using their end products.

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Human Nutrition

We supply the best ingredients from the many world-class manufacturers that we represent, learn about global and local trends, and apply the know-how of our experienced food technologists. That’s how we can help you create tasty food and beverage solutions that your consumers will really be attracted to buying. In addition, at Barentz, we are known for our entrepreneurial spirit that enables solutions to come about quickly and smoothly.

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Personal Care

Personal care and cosmetics play a vital role in our daily lives and routines. For thousands of years, humans have cleansed, enhanced and beautified their skin and appearance using creams and ointments prepared with the utmost care. Deep-rooted local traditions, ever-changing global trends and new technologies make Personal Care a very dynamic market environment. Consumers of personal care products in particular are frequently on the lookout for novel ideas, textures and concepts. To meet this element of consumer demand and other expectations, Barentz’ technical and commercial experts work at the forefront of innovation, building on a unique blend of science and creativity, and delivering outstanding ingredients and formulations.

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t Barentz, we have made it our business to excel in delivering premium quality and high-performance excipients, nutraceutical & functional food actives, APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates – sourced and provided by our pre-eminent supplier partners. Customers value our deep technical knowledge and broad product portfolio highly, our capability to manage quality throughout the entire supply chain and our extensive regional and local networks. Better bioavailability? New dosage forms? Improved consumer acceptance? Talk to us about new opportunities!

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Animal Nutrition

Our portfolio of ingredients and concepts aims to help improve feed efficiency, raise productivity, reduce waste and contribute to animal health and wellbeing. All to help achieve maximum output, with minimum input. We do this with functional- and nutritional ingredients. Every feed formulation is different and our specialists can help you find the right combination of ingredients. We can assist in bringing synergies through supplements or even whole-feed formulation. Our foundation of single ingredients and commodities is complemented with several specific concepts and even, if required, ready-blended solutions aimed at achieving our customers’ needs.

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