Synthesis Solutions


Supplying specialty resins and additives to improve the performance of both mineral-based and synthetic lubricant formulations.

Lubricant Products


Battery Recycling and Cathode Manufacturing

Barentz North America's focal point is and will always be collaborating with our channel partners to provide solutions to the battery manufacturing & recycling industry. Our sustainable products offer a solution to the increased demand on materials for the manufacturing of cathodes and recycling of batteries in the electric vehicle market.

Battery Solutions

Synthesis Solutions


We are a trusted source of specialty electronic products for the semiconductor and lithography industry. These products range from solvents, acids, and bases, to specialty etchants, developers, photoresist stripers, and post-etch residue removers.

Electronics Products

Synthesis Solutions


We carry a comprehensive range of specialty intermediates for use in an array of coatings applications. We offer differentiated value added services, formulation capabilities, and sustainable solutions. We market products that have end use applications in a variety of areas including paints, intumescent coatings, industrial sealants, metalworking, and more.

Coatings Products

Synthesis Solutions

Oil & Gas

We offer custom formulated universal oilfield lubricant for drilling and coiled tubing applications. Specifically designed for compatibility in a wide range of fluids including recycled water, various brines (exceeding 200,000 tds), formates, and fresh water. We have been extensively tested alongside a wide range of oilfield lubricants exhibiting superior cost performance in both lab and field settings.

Oil & Gas Products

Synthesis Solutions


We supply specialty intermediates for use in manufacturing of composites to improve the structural integrity and enhance the visual appearance of thermoset and thermoplastic formulations. With the wide range of raw materials we offer, customers can take advantage of bundling a variety of products & shipping from a number of our local inventory locations.

Composite Products

Synthesis Solutions

Emulsion Polymers

We offer a wide range of raw materials used in production of emulsion polymers, from monomers to surfactants, inhibitors, oxidizing agents, and initiators.

Emulsion Polymer Products

Synthesis Solutions


We offer a strong portfolio of specialty surface treatment chemistry from food contact barrier non fluoro barrier technology to security papers. Barentz specializes in wet end hydrocolloids, for optimized performance of west strength, sizing, and other cationic additives, providing paper producers with up to 40% savings on chemical and operating costs.

Paper Products

Synthesis Solutions


We supply process and performance additives for use in the manufacture of resins, compounds, masterbatches, and related plastics formulations.

Plastics Products

Synthesis Solutions

Specialty Chemical Intermediates

We offer global sourcing capabilities to ensure continuous supply & competitive pricing for both widely used and difficult-to-find raw materials. Our experienced team has the logistics expertise & market intelligence to help our customers manage the complexities of the supply chain, especially for products manufactured overseas.

Specialty Chemical Intermediates