Sustainable sourcing policy

Our responsible sourcing policy seeks to ensure ethical practices in our supply chain, reduce impact on the environment, and support workers and grower communities. These values include how we work with our suppliers across our supply chain.

Our Sustainable Sourcing Policy should be read in line with our Supplier Code of Conduct. This document provides process and performance requirements applicable to all suppliers with regards to their sustainability activities. Through their application, our goal is to achieve tangible improvements in our supply chain. We count on the commitment and support of our suppliers to continuous improvement in helping us to meet this objective.

We appreciate all our suppliers’ efforts to help us in our goal to source our products and services in a responsible manner and create sustainable value throughout our supply chain.

  • Barentz believes that our joint efforts to establish a more sustainable supply chain will offer ample opportunities to strengthen our business relationships and create value for our respective companies.
  • Barentz aims to have a positive and sustainable impact on the economy and the society with policies focussing on the restriction of child labour and the promotion of equality.
  • Barentz aims to have a positive and sustainable impact on the environment.
  • Barentz accounts for its actions and impacts and the actions taken in its ESG policy, on its website and in its contact and communication opportunities with its stakeholders.
  • Barentz uses management systems and the internal control framework to prevent repetition of unintended and unforeseen negative impacts.
  • Barentz has several programmes aimed at the improvement of the company’s performance and culture.


Barentz will verify our suppliers’ adherence to these principles through internal and external assessments and expect suppliers to take concrete actions to close any gaps identified in the application of these principles.

Barentz highly recommend third-party verification of our suppliers practices based on international standard and assess effective implementation of these Principles in their operations.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Sustainable sourcing policy

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