Barentz Announces Expansion of Distribution Agreement with Colonial Chemical to Cover Illinois and South Wisconsin

April 9, 2021

Barentz is pleased to announce the expansion of its existing partnership with Colonial Chemical to distribute exclusively Colonial Chemical's Ingredients for the Personal Care in the states of Illinois and South Wisconsin, effective May 1, 2021.

"We are very excited to expand our partnership with Colonial Chemical in the Chicago Area," Jean-Luc Joye, Vice President Principal Management - Care at Barentz, said. "Colonial has a fantastic line of mild surfactants and innovative technology such as the SugaNate® and PolySuga®. Colonial Chemicals is at the forefront in the development of ingredients that are mild, environmentally safe, and derived from all natural and renewable raw materials. It is in line with our growth strategy to provide our customers with innovative, safe, and sustainable solutions."

About Barentz
Barentz, headquartered in The Netherlands, is the global life science ingredients and specialty chemical solutions distributor specialized in human nutrition, pharmaceuticals, personal care, specialty industrial, and animal nutrition, creating unique synergies across all fields of expertise. For inquiries, please contact the North America regional office at or visit

About Colonia Chemical
Colonial Chemical is a privately held manufacturer of market-leading specialty surfactants with a focus on developing safe and innovative ingredients for modern formulary. The company supplies high quality products to personal care and other industries, and helps its customers achieve their goals by providing custom solutions, valuable support, and reliable service. Colonial Chemical serves all North America and in over 50 countries internationally. Learn more at