Antimony Trichloride


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Antimony trichloride, an inorganic chloride salt used as a reactant to detect vitamin A and other related carotenoids, can be purchased in a solid or liquid form. The molecular formula is Cl3Sb. It was used in dissolving and removing the horn stubs from goats and calves, which shows the strength of the compound. It has a molecular weight of 228.11 g/mol, a complexity of eight, and a heavy atom count of four. The exact and monoisotopic mass are both 225.8 g/mol. The boiling point of antimony trichloride is 428.5° F (220.3° C), and the melting point is 161.1° F (73.4° C). Antimony trichloride is soluble in water at least 77° F (25° F). It is also soluble in alcohol, chloroform, acetone, benzene, dioxane, ether, carbon tetrachloride, and carbon disulfide. Other common applications for antimony trichloride include being used as a Lewis acid catalyst in organic synthesis, and in making other forms of antimony salts. It is also a mordant and used in bronzing iron.




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