Lead Chromate


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This chemical is made when lead is applied to sodium chlorate. The resulting substance is thick and powdery and will not dissolve in water. The appearance of Lead Chromate is yellow, and because of its insolubility, it is ideal for use in paint. In fact, Lead Chromate is used to color school buses under the name of Chrome Yellow. For the most part, Lead Chromate is only used for coloring applications, but it can also serve other purposes, such as in pyrotechnics. It acts as an oxygen diffuser which makes it perfect for timed delay reactions. Lead Chromate is highly hazardous because it contains lead and hexavalent chromium. As such it has to be labeled and handled properly. One good thing about its durable chemical structure is that it is almost impossible to be poisoned by it unless you ate it directly. Since it can’t dissolve in water, it does not pose an immediate health threat. Nonetheless, it should be treated with care.


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