Mobil® DTE-24 Hydraulic

Personal Care

This is a form of hydraulic oil produced by the company Mobil. It is a thick, amber liquid that has a distinct odor. It is stable in the air, and it is not considered an irritant to the skin, but it can be harmful to the eyes or the body if ingested. This particular hydraulic oil is designed for high-pressure applications. As with other forms of this kind of oil, it is employed in machinery and equipment that use hydraulics to operate. DTE-24 is well regarded because it doesn’t leave deposits and it helps keep the lines clean as it’s used. Also, it can handle mixing with water without any problems. Gloves and goggles should be worn when handling DTE-24 hydraulic oil. Although it’s not highly toxic to humans, it can still irritate the skin and eyes. Ingestion can be harmful or fatal in some cases. Since it is highly stable in the air, it has a low flammability rating. It should be sealed and stored in a cool, dry area.





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