XCP Rust Blocker

Stop your bike from rusting!

Prevent corrosion and rust damage with Rust Blocker ORIGINAL or Rust Blocker CLEAR COAT! We offer a complete line of XCP Professional high-performance protection against moisture, salt spray, and other corrosive elements.

Protect all exposed metal surfaces, including engine components, suspension units, under carriage, box sections, chrome, chains, electrical connections, motors, shafts, and spindles, as well as tools and equipment for shipping and storage with industrial strength XCP Rust Blocker ORIGINAL or new Rust Blocker CLEAR COAT.

XCP Rust Blocker ORIGINAL offers industrial strength protection against rust and corrosion with a slightly yellow coloring. The new XCP Rust Blocker CLEAR COAT rust inhibitor is available in a clear spray form for a cleaner appearance to bike protection.

Rust Blocker Features:

High-Performance Rust Protection
• Rust Blocker ORIGINAL and CLEAR COAT provide long-lasting protection against moisture, salt spray, and other corrosive elements.

Easy Application and Removal
• This easily sprayed, wiped, and brushed-clean product provides a durable, non-sticky soft surface film for excellent protection against corrosion and rust.

Excellent Surface Spread
• Clear Coat’s low surface tension spreads quickly to provide optimal surface coverage and penetrates into inaccessible areas, such as seams, joints, and threads.

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