Attenuzyme® Pro

Produce light or low-calorie beers

Attenuzyme® Pro offers benefits that
• Shorten mashing time and lower enzyme dosage
• Produce highly-attenuated wort for light and low-calorie beers
• Control attenuation, regardless of ingredient variability or process functions

Attenuzyme® Pro Product Info

Maturex® Pro

Reduce maturation time by 2-14 days and avoid the formation of diacetyl off-flavors in beer

Maturex® Pro offers benefits that
• Prevent the formation of diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedione in beer
• Shorten maturation time leading up to higher-capacity utilization
• Streamline process conditions for low-alcohol beers

Maturex Pro Product Info

Industry Beer Guide

Enzymes for beer production

The Brewing Industry traditionally utilizes malted barley to produce beers. The malt enzymes will vary widely depending upon the grain itself, the malting process and the degree of kilning. Commercial enzymes are now being used to supplement the enzymes within the malt to give a more consistent yield as well as a reproducible taste profile. Enzymes can also reduce the off flavors in beer like diacetyl and eliminate the need for diacetyl rests.

Beer Guide


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