Novozymes Microbes

Bi-Chem CSB 20X NF EP

Bi-Chem CSB 20X NF EP - Non-formulated concentrate used as base concentrate to make all bacteria products by adding surfactants, fragrance, opacifier. Great for use in hard surface cleaning, drain line & grease trap maintenance & odor control, carpet and fabric care, laundry pre-spotters and septic & waste treatment.

Bi-Chem CSB 20X NF EP Product Info

Novozymes Microbes

Carpet Ease Spot 5X

Fully-formulated concentrate that provides patent-pending dual cleaning power for superior cleaning performance and long-lasting odor control on carpet and fabric. The surfactant system releases the stain for immediate cleaning, then the beneficial microorganisms penetrate deep into the carpet pile and sub-surfaces, where they degrade the residual soils and organics that can cause stains and odors.

Carpet Ease Spot 5X Product Info

Novozymes Microbes

Drain Ease Open 2.5L

Fully-formulated drain opener. Drain Ease Open combines fast-acting chemistry to quickly open clogged drains with a patented beneficial microorganism that continuously degrades organic drain buildup. The long-lasting microbial action of Drain Ease Open helps maintain free-flowing drain lines and reduce the organics that can cause malodors.

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Novozymes Microbes

Freshen Free 10X

Fully-formulated concentrate. Freshen Free is an effective odor control solution for a wide range of malodors found on hard surfaces and fabrics, indoors and outdoors. The advanced chemistry of Freshen Free captures malodors for immediate odor control, while the beneficial microorganisms degrade odor-causing organics. Freshen Free eliminates odors at their source for long-lasting odor control.

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Novozymes Microbes

Sporzyme BCC on Salt

Proprietary blend of bacterial cultures on a salt carrier designed to degrade organic wastes and eliminate their associated odors. It is capable of breaking down proteins, carbohydrates, cellulose and fats in animal waste pits, lagoons and storage tanks, septic tanks and leach beds, grease traps and drain lines, aquaculture confinement, and ornamental pools and fountains.

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Novozymes Microbes

Septic Blend A

Dry blend of Bacillus microorganisms. Septic Blend A is ideal for use in septic & waste degradation applications.

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Novozymes Microbes

Bi-Chem SB Concentrate

Concentrated dry product. Bi-Chem SB Concentrate is a general purpose bacteria inoculated on sodium bicarbonate. Typical usage level is 10% in final formulation.

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