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Aspire Surfactants

• Aspire BRC Surfactant Blend is an optimized blend of surfactants built for outstanding soap scum removal in acidic bathroom cleaners.

• Aspire HS Super Concentrate is a patent-pending blend comprised of cationic, anionic, and non-ionic surfactants that work synergistically to remove the toughest soils from surfaces.

• Aspire BRC Surfactant Blend is an optimized blend of surfactants built for outstanding soap scum removal in acidic bathroom cleaners.

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Pilot Chemical

Quat-based, EPA-registered disinfectants

Pilot's EPA Registered Quaternary Compounds and Active Ingredients come with labels featuring an extensive claim base, unique use-sites, applications and formatting, and formulation options including a broad range of surfactant, dye, and fragrance choices.

• Maquat NHG - Neutral PH Disinfectant Concentrates
• Maquat MN - Neutral PH Disinfectant Concentrates
• Maquat 615HD - Alkaline PH Disinfectant
• Maquat 5.5M - Alkaline PH Disinfectant
• Maquat 710M - 10% Quat-Based Food and Non-Food Contact Sanitizer

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Pilot Chemical

FDA Category 1 antibacterial actives for hand sanitizers

Nobac Plus Anti-Bacterial Foam Hand Soap is based on the active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride in a unique non-drying, moisturizing and conditioning formulation.

• Nobac Plus 10X
• Nobac Plus AB-F 10X

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Pilot Chemical

PAA / H202 sanitizers and disinfectants

EPA registered disinfectant/sanitizer products and available for supplemental registration. High level disinfection capable: effective against Mycobacterium (TB), Norovirus and antibiotic resistant bacterial strains like MRSA and VRE. Highly versatile, Maguard can be used as a, “disinfectant,” “sanitizer, “fungicide,” or a, “virucide” in a broad number of environments and locations from airports to zoos.

• Maguard 5626 - C-Diff and TB Effective Hard Surface Disinfectant
• Maguard 1522 - Sanitizer and Disinfectant
• Maguard 15A - Laundry Sanitizer
• MaShield 15DS - Direct Food Sanitizers
• MaShield 22DS - Direct Food Sanitizers

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Pilot Chemical

Sulfonates and sulfonic acid

Pilot’s sulfonates produce economical formulations with superb cleansing, high foam volume, great flash foam and nice viscosity characteristics in a variety of HI&I applications. They are fully compatible with anionic, nonionic, and amphoteric surfactants.

• Calsoft AOS
• Calsoft AOS-40
• Calsoft F-90
• Calsoft LAS-99
• Calsoft P-85
• Calfax DB-45

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Pilot Chemical


Pilot Chemical offers a wide variety of anionic, amphoteric and nonionic surfactant chemistries for household, industrial and institutional cleaning products. Pilot Chemical's surfactants exhibit exceptionally high performance, low color, and high purity.

• Calfoam ALS-30
• Calfoam SLS-30
• Calfoam SLS-95
• Calfoam EA 303
• Calfoam ES 3030

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Pilot Chemical

Amine oxides

Macat brand Amine Oxides and Betaines offer mild cleansing, foam boosting, and formulation flexibility to a wide range of applications.

• Macat AO-8
• Macat AO-12

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