Solvay Natural Products

Rhodasurf 6 NAT

100% natural raw material for formulations in the Personal Care industry.
• Function: Cleansing agent ; Primary detergent ; Emulsifier
• End use: Fabric softener, detergents, hard surface cleansers

Rhodasurf 6 NAT Product Info

Solvay Natural Products

Rhodapex ESB 70 NAT

Sodium Laureth Sulfate that is sourced from plants (Ethylene oxide made from sugar cane and lauryl alcohol derived from palm kern oil) and produced from 100% renewable carbon.

• Function : Anionic surfactant, cleansing agent
• Benefits : Two Mol EO SLES, versatile cleanser, high concentration of actives , 100% natural origin
• End Use : Liquid soap, cream, lotions, shampoo, rinses, body wash, detergent, toothpaste, body cleanser, bubble bath

Rhodapex ESB 70 NAT Product Info

Solvay Natural Products

Mackam LHS GN

A fatty alkyl sulfobetaine, which is useful for industrial, household and hair & bodycare formulations. Mackam® LHS GN is a biodegradable high foamer with excellent stability in both extreme acid and alkaline formulations. Mackam® LHS GN is an excellent choice for formulations requiring the highest biobased content. Mackam® LHS GN should be considered as an alternative to alkanolamides for foam and viscosity boosting.

• Function : Cleansing agent, viscosity builder, foam enhancement, detergents, amphoteric surfactant
• Benefits : Mildness, clean feel, quick rinse, non irritant, cleansing and purifying, naturally derived, high concentrate of actives
• End Use : Baby formulations, cleanser, bubble bath, shower gels, hand dish, hard surface cleansers, laundry detergents, multi purpose surface cleanser

Mackam LHS GN Product Info