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Novozymes - Catazyme® 25L

Novozymes has developed a new solution for enzymatic acidification of juices or wines.

Catazyme® 25L is unique because of its patented combination of glucose oxidase and catalase activity that acts on glucose present in juice and wine.

When using Catazyme 25L®, glucose is converted to gluconic acid, a mild acid that helps to balance the sweet/sour ratio in a beverage. The catalase simultaneously removes produced hydrogen peroxide, avoiding oxidation and potential off-flavors.

Benefits of Catazyme® 25L

• Significant amount of gluconic acid can be produced, up to 20 g/L has been demonstrated if enough glucose is present.
• In-situ conversion results in reduction of sweetness, e.g. glucose, balancing the sweet /sour ratio.
• Fast reaction within hours.
• Robustness - pH lowering effect of up to 0.4 pH decrease.
• No extra equipment cost; all necessary equipment already present.
• Sensorial properties e.g. sweetness balance, tartness, mouth feel and color.

Catazyme® 25L Product Info

Pectinix Ultra Tropical

Filter cleaning

Enzymes for membrane cleaning can be used to restore the flux rate in ultrafiltration (UF), microfiltration (MF) and reverse osmosis (RO) membranes that have been clogged with colloidal substances. The enzymes should be applied prior to chemical cleaning to break down clogged material, allowing more effective removal by detergents.

Pectinex Ultra Tropical features:
• Enzymes can solve challenges/clogging where detergents fail in cleaning
• Soft, natural cleaning and protection of the environment because less aggressive chemicals are used
• Extension of shelf life of membranes, which is more cost effective and leads to more sustainable approaches

Pectinex Ultra Tropical Product Info

Vinozyme Process

Improve your extraction processes for short-maturation wines

Vinozym Process benefits:
• Increases throughput and juice yield; reduces gross lees
• Improves color and tannin content
• Reduces clarification costs

Vinozym Process Product Info

VinoTaste Pro

Faster maturation and better quality wine

VinoTaste Pro offers benefits that
• Ensures fast clarification of young wine
• Decreases maturation time by nearly 20%
• Improves overall qualityEnhances aroma and roundness

VinoTaste Pro Product Info

Novoclair Speed

Faster clarification with difficult musts

Novoclair Speed offers benefits that
• Enables fast clarification of musts with high turbidity and pectin content
• Offers richer and fruitier wine
• Increases yields
• Improves flavor stability

Novoclair Speed Product Info

Vinozym FCE-G

Enhanced color and flavor in premium white wines

Vinozym FCE-G offers benefits that
• Increase varietal intensity through the selective release of flavor and aroma compounds from grape skin
• Ensure more fruity musts while reducing skin contact time
• Higher free run yields and more efficient pressing at lower pressures
• Enhances the release of flavors and aromas

Vinozym FCE-G Product Info

Vinozym Vintage FCE

Enhanced color and flavor in premium red wines

Vinozym Vintage FCE offers benefits that
• Enhances color extraction and stability
• Improves body and mouthfeel
• Increases free-run wine release at the end of alcohol fermentation
• Enhances the release of flavors and aromas

Vinozym Vintage FCE Product Info

Industry Wine Guide

Enzymes for wine production

Enzymes are natural protein compounds found throughout nature. Enzymes are an important part of the winemaking process as they assist with increasing extraction, improving yield, and speeding up the process. Pectinases, one of the main enzymes used in winemaking, break down the pectin in the grapes allowing for better tannin extraction and improving color intensity and stability.

Wine Guide


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