Maroon Group Coronavirus Update

May 1, 2020

The last couple of months have presented many challenges for our organization. We're fortunate to be considered an essential business, providing raw materials, ingredients, formulary and technical support to critical industries. I'm extremely proud of the way our team has faced these challenges and adapted many aspects of our business to serve our customers and the communities in which we operate. Our operations remain open and we're fulfilling customer orders as required.

There have been several steps that we've taken to ensure continuity for you:

  • Implemented various phases of our contingency plans to safeguard ongoing operations.
  • Increased our social media activity, providing key formulations and technical support for customers.You can find Maroon Group on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Updated our website with the latest formulations and technical resources as many customers look to expand their product offerings.
  • Initiated technical training programs for our commercial teams.
  • Conducted webinars with customers to support their business and new initiatives.
  • Commercial and technical teams supporting our customers as they pivot their manufacturing to critical materials used in hand sanitizers.
  • Drastically increased our communications with customers, principals and key service providers to ensure that we’re aligned and can plan accordingly.
  • Maintained elevated inventory levels to mitigate risks due to the uncertainly of global supply chains.
  • Initiated wellness and employee assistance programs to support our team.
  • Provided training resources for our leadership teams.
  • Provided PPE to all of our employees to help their families remain safe.

Our thoughts remain with all of those impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Maroon Group will continue to support first responders in our communities via the donation of medical supplies and we will continue to do so as more become available.

We begin to look toward the next phase of response as some of the locations in which we operate relax stay at home mandates. Our approach will focus on maintaining the highest level of safety for our team, complying with regulatory requirements, and mitigating risk for customers and principal partners. We're discussing potential re-entry strategies with many of our partners, will closely monitor best practices of other businesses, and will then formalize our plans. I welcome the opportunity to connect with you if you would like to discuss further or be willing to share the approach that your organizations are taking.

Kind regards,

Michael F. McKenna
President & COO