Maroon Group Coronavirus Update February 11, 2020

February 11, 2020

Maroon Group continues to closely monitor the events that are unfolding as a result of the coronavirus (2019-nCoV.) outbreak. As the number of confirmed cases increases, our thoughts remain with those directly affected. As follows are a few key updates:

• Extended plant closures are being implemented in several regions of China. Many factories located in Hubei province have announced closures through the end of February.

• Intra-country logistics remain quite challenging based on travel restrictions in place.

• This week will be telling to determine how quickly normal operations will resume after the New Year Holidays closures and coronavirus outbreak containment efforts.

We continue to be very proactive to mitigate our customers supply chain risks. Maroon Group’s warehouse and logistics network across N. America is well positioned to meet our customer's needs. We are working closely with customers to ensure inventory levels are adequate based on their forecasted requirements. Our Principal Management and Leadership teams are in regular contact with our key principals across the globe to address potential impacts and discuss ways to insulate our customers from any interruptions. We are leveraging our long-term relationships throughout the world to mitigate risks in Asia.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your Maroon Group representative or Scott Simmons, Maroon Group's Director of Safety, Compliance & Sustainability at or 440-937-1000. We're here to support you as we navigate this challenging time.