Chemical Education Foundation

Accessible Science Programs and Hands-On Experiences

Barentz is proud to support the Chemical Education Foundation (CEF), and their goal “to inspire tomorrow’s thinkers, leaders, and STEM innovators to build a better world through the science of chemistry”. Founded in 1989 by the National Association of Chemical Distributors, CEF's mission is to build excitement and value of chemistry and STEM careers with K-8 students through accessible science programs and hands-on experiences.

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ICIS Innovation Awards

Recognizing the value and benefit of innovation and sustainability

Through our dedication as a responsible organization, Barentz is proud to sponsor the Innovation with Best Benefit to the Environment or Sustainability category of the ICIS Innovation Awards. We recognize the value and benefit innovation and sustainability bring to our customers and the global supply chain and are diligent in reducing our carbon footprint through responsible distribution.

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National Association of Chemical Distributors

Keeping the environment safer with responsible distribution

Barentz is an active member and corporate sponsor of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACS) and holds ISO and Responsible Distribution certification. As a corporate sponsor, Barentz helps enhance and communicate the professionalism and stewardship of the chemical distribution industry through professional training, speaking engagements, and member participation.

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