Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Delivering results

At Barentz, we acknowledge our responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable world. We are seeking to do our part and working with like-minded companies to help meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, which calls for less than a 1.5 degrees C rise in global temperatures.

We have chosen to align our company values and collective interests with the United Nations Sustainability Goals. We’ve selected several of the UN Sustainability Goals, which most align with our operations and passions, to guide our program and sustainability investments. The UN Goals we’ve aligned our program around are:

• 3: Good Health & Well-Being
• 5: Gender Equality
• 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
• 9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
• 13: Climate Actions
• 17: Partnerships for the Goals

Our ESG objectives are outlined via our yearly ESG workplan. This workplan is comprised of 5 key pillars, Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, Sustainable Procurement and Community Action & Partners. Within each of these pillars we have identified 3-10 tangible actions which we’ve committed to completing.

We’re confident that through the actions of our ESG workplan we will positively contribute to a more sustainable world.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Corporate Sustainability Report

We’re excited to announce we’ve released our first Global Sustainability Report! ESG is a core part of who we are and what we do at Barentz. Our Sustainability Report highlights, for the first time, all the activities we’ve completed globally during 2022 to improve our ESG performance. The report was composed by individuals throughout our global company and captures their voices expressing why ESG is important to them and our business.

This report will be released publicly via social media and is available on our website. We encourage all of you to review the report and to share it with any third party who you feel may be interested in our ESG related activities.


Sustainability policy

In our role as distributor, we have always had a strong focus on long-term relationships with suppliers as well as with customers. An important part of our role in the supply chain is that we continuously monitor global developments that could pose a threat to these relationships. More importantly, we look at opportunities that could improve our partnerships.

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Sustainable sourcing policy

Our responsible sourcing policy seeks to ensure ethical practices in our supply chain, reduce environmental impact, and support workers and growing communities. These values include how we work with our suppliers across our supply chain.

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Supplier code of conduct

For our customers, we provide access to the best ingredients solutions available to add value. We are ambassadors, technological experts, networkers, and a business platform connecting ingredients manufacturers and users across all areas. Additionally, we source complementary ingredients, formulate custom products, and apply our market- and technological knowledge. As a result, we deliver better ingredient solutions for our customers, for consumers and for the planet that help them innovate, simplify, and grow their business in a sustainable way.

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UN Global Impact

We are proud members of the UN Global Compact and have developed our ESG program around 6 of the SDGs we believe we can make a positive contribution towards.


Global Reporting Initiative

Accurate data collection and reporting is the foundation upon which any robust ESG program is built. We have chosen to align our data collection and reporting with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards.



We have chosen to partner with EcoVadis as our trusted provider of sustainability ratings. We rely on EcoVadis to review and rate our ESG program as well as the programs of our suppliers.