About CASE

Technical Support

Manufacturers have come to rely on our experienced North American team and integrated supply chain as we continue to grow the market. Backed by decades of knowledge in the industry and long-standing partnerships, we provide our customers with solutions and the technical support required to produce lasting products.

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Responsible sourcing

Global sourcing capabilities

Partnered with world-recognized global producers, we represent an expanding portfolio of competitive products for the CASE market. As a leading distributor of specialty chemicals, we take pride in our responsible sourcing practices and efforts to provide a seamless supply chain from start to finish, with 50 warehouses throughout North America.

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CASE products

Expanding product portfolio

We Specialize in additives, resins, pigments, intermediates, and packaging to North American manufacturers in the plastics, CASE, composites, graphic arts, rubber, and lubricants industries. Our competitive portfolio of products continues to grow to meet our customers expanding needs.

We also supply specialty additives and pigments for Plastics: Non-Dust Blends, Dry Blending, Custom Formulations, Heat & Light Stabilizers, Property Modifiers, Processing Aids, Performance Additives, Colorants, Inorganic Fillers, Specialty Intermediates.

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