Anti-oxidant lotion

A naturally derived lotion developed to moisturize and hydrate the skin. Featuring PolyAquol 2W, a COSMOS approved emulsifier with excellent clinical skin benefits. Oxismooth CO, a COSMOS approved emollient with outstanding skin sensory benefits. MultiSal Asta, an encapsulated and stabilized form for the powerful anti-oxidant Astaxanthin which provides extended skin protection from free radicals.

Anti-oxidant lotion formula


Naturally Derived Hydrating Cream

A skin cream developed with select naturally derived and COSMOS approved ingredients to hydrate and protect the skin. Featuring PolyAquol 2W, a COSMOS approved emulsifier with excellent clinical skin benefits. Innollient LO, a COSMOS approved silicone alternative that feels like cyclomethicone, and improves skin barrier function. Linatural Ultra-3, a COSMOS approved, broad spectrum preservative and a great solution for all natural formulations.

Hydrating cream formula

Formulary - Velvet Lotion

Soft as velvet lotion

Featured Materials
• Flocare SK 425: Pre-neutralized thickener for light delivery to the skin
• PolyAquol 2W: COSMOS approved primary emulsifier with clinical skin benefits
• OxiSmooth ST and CO: COSMOS approved Silicone replacement emollients with excellent skin sensory
• NuSolutions™ 1% HYA: Easy to use solution of Hyaluronic Acid

Velvet Lotion Formula

Formulary - Exfoliating Cleanser

A natural exfoliant for beautiful skin

• SugaCitrate L1C: Naturally derived surfactant with excellent foam and low irritation potential
• Elotant SCA: Mild, naturally derived amino acid surfactant
• NuSolutions™ EZ Guar-14: easy to use pre-hydrated Guar
• DicaPerl HP-100: 100% natural exfoliant

Exfoliant Cleanser Formula

Formulary - Biobased Cleanser

Cleanse your skin the way it deserves with a biobased cleanser

• Self-Thickening Sulfate Free System
• No salt required
• Great lather attributes and performance

Featured Materials
• Suganate 160NC: Biobased anionic surfactant
• Elotant SCA: Naturally derived amino acid surfactant
• Linatural® Ultra-3: COSMOS approved preservative
• PolySuga Mulse D9: natural solubilizer

Biobased Cleanser Formula

Formulary - Talc Free Liquid Baby Powder

No mess, same relief

• Soft and smooth feel on the skin
• Talc Free
• Benefits of baby powder without the mess

Featured Materials:

• Farmal CS 3757 - Plant derived sensory polymer ideal for Talc replacement in formulations
• TicaCel HV Powder - Naturally Derived, food grade thickener with soft after feel on the skin
• Flocare SK 425 - Pre-neutralized thickening/stabilizing polymer with a smooth light feel
• Oxismooth CP - COSMOS Approved Emollient and silicone replacement with excellent sensory benefits

Talc Free Liquid Formula

Formulary - Fun with Cleansing

How do you know your hands are washed?

• Color changing technology
• Very Mild, Gentle on the skin
• Excellent foaming and lather profile
• Great chassis for Body wash and shampoo
Featured Materials:
• ColaTeric L-32 - High foaming properties and ability to reduce the irritation of other surfactants
• Elotant SCA – Ultra Mild and highly natural Amino acid based surfactant
• NuSolutions™ EZ Guar – Pre-hydrated and easy to use C14 Guar
• SalColor FX: White to Black – A sensory modifier that changes color as you wash your hands

Hand Washing Formula

Formulary: Anti-Aging Solutions

Get back your youthful appearance!

Reverse aging with RegenSea LS and BioActive Guava from Innovacos: Two Natural actives working together to prevent the further damage of skin cells AND rejuvenate your skin with immediate and long-lasting results.

• RegeneSea LS
     • Resets age cells
     • Rejuvenates skin cellular functions
     • Increases skin hydration, elasticity, and smoothness

• BioActive Guava
     • Slows down the causes of skin aging and wrinkles
     • Reduces skin damage and aging induced by Senescence
     • Acts as a skin aging detox system

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