Alcohol hand sanitizer

MarGel EZ 1
• Cold Processable
• No Neutralization required
• Excellent Spreadability
• Gives Hands a clean and silky feel


Alcohol hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer made with Ticacel HV Powder and Marquat 30M give hands a clear, silky smooth feel.
• SDA 40 B Alcohol Formulation
• Clear
• Cold-Processed
• Silky Feel
• No Drag

Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Products


Body Butter - moisturizing hand therapy

Bring moisture back to your hands with Body Butter! Maroon Group CARE’s moisturizing hand therapy conditions dry skin and brings immediate hydration back to your body.

• Superior Moisturization
• Reduces Redness
• Hydrates Skin
• Humectant
• Water Soluble
• Easy to use Liquid
• Improves Elasticity of Skin
• No Conventional Preservatives
• EWG Score 1 – Hyaluronic Acid
• Globally Approved

Body Butter Formulation


Naturally derived bio-based hand cleanser

Personal Care offers a naturally derived, non-irritating, bio-based hand cleanser - gentle enough to clean hands but strong enough to battle the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

• Self-Thickening Sulfate Free System, no salt required
• Great Lather attributes and performance
• Formula Highlights:
• SugaNate 160NC – Bio-based Anionic Surfactant
• Elotant SCA – Naturally Derived Amino Acid Surfactant
• Linatural® Ultra-3 – COSMOS Approved Preservative
• MarSurf™ NAT D9 – Natural Solubilizer

Bio-Based Hand Cleanser Formula


Economical hand wash

• Cost effective hand wash
• Easy thickening with Sodium Chloride
• Great lather attributes and performance
• Formula Highlights:
• MarCare EBW - Economical Surfactant Blend
• C-107 PF - Great Soft Sensory on skin
• TW 20K - Efficient Solubilizer for fragrance and oil

Economical Hand Wash Products


Instant hand foam sanitizer

• Nobac® Plus 10X
• Nobac® Plus 10X Instant Foam Hand Sanitizer is based on the active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride
• Easy formulation with a simple dilution

Instant Hand Foam Sanitizer Products

Formulary Message


Please, be aware that Solutions 1, 2 and 3 fall under FDA regulation for Drug/OTC application. We are not advising any customers on any FDA or OTC Guideline or making any suggestions on how to manufacture such products. The Customer will have to assess and adhere to all proper FDA guidance for use, claims and manufacture of such products.