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Florisil is an adsorbent chemical mixture. It is a white, hard-powdered substance that is stable in air. It is a magnesium silicate compound that comes in two grades. Grade A is the standard version, which is activated at 650 degrees Celsius. Grade B is less common and activates at 260 degrees Celsius. There is also a pesticide residue analysis grade, which activates at 675 degrees Celsius. This chemical is made by US Silica and is patented as such. As an adsorbent, Florisil is ideal for getting atoms to adhere to its surface so as to separate them from a chemical mixture. The most useful application of Florisil is in chromatography, which is the process of separating different ingredients into more pure forms. Another use of Florisil is to decolorize oils, fats, and waxes using the adsorption process. Finally, it can be utilized as a catalytic agent in some situations. Florisil is harmful if ingested, but is relatively stable if it comes into contact with skin. If you get it into your eye, wash it out quickly and make sure that there is no residue left. Florisil is also not flammable, so there are no precautions needed to avoid contact with fire or ignition. Fortunately, because it is a hard powder, it is almost impossible to breathe in by accident. Nonetheless, it’s highly recommended that you wear eye shields, gloves, and a respirator to be safe when handling this compound. There is no hazardous warning regarding Florisil, so disposal of the substance should be done as per standard regulatory requirements. In fact, you can sweep it up with a broom and dustpan if necessary.




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