N-Propyl Acetate


Personal Care

This chemical is a clear, colorless liquid. It produces a sweet, pleasant odor and has a sweet taste to it as well. It is found naturally in apples, which is why it works well as a food additive. Propyl acetate is also classified as alcohol, making it highly flammable. It will also evaporate quickly in the air. As with most alcohols, N-propyl acetate is used industrially as a cleaning agent or as an all-purpose solvent. It works well as a degreaser, or it can be combined with other chemicals to provide better cleaning. In the food industry, this substance is a flavoring agent due to its sweet aroma. It can also be found in a variety of cosmetics, including perfumes and soaps. Inhalation of n-propyl acetate may cause dizziness, although the vapors are heavier than air. Since it will evaporate quickly, it must be kept in an airtight container and stored in a cool, dry area. Direct contact with the skin or eyes may cause mild to severe irritation. Gloves and a breathing mask should be worn.




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