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Pine oil is created by distilling different parts of a pine tree. This steam distillation process usually uses the cones, needles, twigs, and stumps. This essential oil is usually distilled from the Pinus sylvestris, however, the variety of pine and the types of parts of the tree used in the distillation process will determine the exact composition of the pine oil. This is used for both commercial and household uses. It is used for a huge variety of things. It’s used for aromatherapy, cleaning, disinfectant, lubricant for clockworks, sanitizer, virucide, insecticide, microbiocide, microbiostat, herbicide, and massage oil. It’s also used industrially as a frother when it comes to the extraction of minerals from ores, such as copper extraction. For more household uses, it’s important to know that although pine oil has a low toxicity level to humans, it can irritate the mucous membranes and skin of users. Also, there is a chance that it can cause breathing problems in some individuals upon inhalation. A word of caution in that if a person is exposed to large doses of pine oil they could depress their central nervous system which could result in some major health problems if not addressed.






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